Scottish Fold Kittens For Sale From Ukraine. With USA, UK, Canada Delivery

I am Irina Smirnova (Ukraine, Kiev). I am the owner of the cattery of pedigreed cats. Cattery was established in 2006, in 2013 the cattery was registered in the WCF (Germany), Club “Pan Kotskiy” (Kiev).

Cattery is engaged in professional cats breeding of such breed: Scottish Fold, Scottish Straite and Maine Coon. Manufacturers are always the thoroughbred representatives of the breed. They participate in exhibitions, they have titles and certificates. Kittens are sold with all necessary documents: a written contract, pedigree, veterinary passport. Before selling kittens are processed for parasites (fleas, worms), made ​​all vaccinations, if necessary, installed the kittens veterinary chip. They are sold healthy. Our kittens are able to go to the toilet in a special place sharpen the claws on the column, to purr, love people and other animals. If necessary, I help to send the kittens to any country (postage paid by the buyer separately from the cost of the kitten). I love my cats and I want new parents of feline kids also love them, never offended and buy for them all the best.

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Kittens life in our house

On April 26, 2022 kittens were born:


Gender: male
Colour: black silver (ns)

Available for sale for Seattle


Gender: female
Colour: black silver (ns)

Available for sale for Seattle


Gender: male
Colour: chocolatte (b)

Available for sale for Seattle


Gender: male
Colour: chocolatte (b)

Available for sale for Seattle

On April 26, 2022 kittens were born:


Gender: male
Colour: lilac marble (c 22)

Available for sale for Seattle


Gender: male
Colour: blue marble (a 22)

Available for sale for Seattle

About Scottish Fold

What cat today can be found in almost every Ukrainian apartment — of course — it’s a Scottish Folded Cat. This breed has been madly popular for several years. And not only in Ukraine. For many years cats live near a person. We are fascinated by the size of the maine coon, the long and thick coat of the Persian, the absence of wool on the carpet from the sphinxes. But, just a kind of Scottish fold, evokes a feeling of affection, from which it catches its breath. And all the blame «baby-face» — «baby face.» Scottish lop-eared kittens have the face of a baby, which looks around with wide, huge and round eyes. Seeing the Scot in front of him can not hide a smile, he wants to hold on the handles, press, protect and protect. Scottish Fold photo: (all the photos I use on my site depict only my animals (my cats or my kennel graduates), and also cats, which though belong to friendly nurseries, but participated in the breeding of our kennel). And what is it worth to touch the Scots — a silky and plush coat in which the hand is buried. And of course the ears! Small, tightly pressed to the head. It is the ears that are the main distinguishing feature of this breed. Nobody can doubt that this baby is thoroughbred, because Scottish lop-eared cat does not walk the streets. Scottish Fold cat looks like an owl. Since the shape of her head is a ball, with small and tightly fitting ears that fit perfectly into the contour of the head, and also with surprised, huge, wide-set eyes.

Scottish Fold Magdalena Bastet*UA (Bastet*UA)

Aleftina Marshal Pride (Bastet*UA)

Iskra Bastet*UA

The nature of Scottish Fold cats

Scottish Fold — this affectionate and faithful cat with a plush character. For her, all members of the family are equally loved. Scottish lop-eared cats do not like to sit on their hands, but they like to caress and murch quite simply by sitting side by side.
At exhibitions, Scottish lop-eared kittens occupy a leading position. This is the most numerous group that does not leave anyone indifferent, they always take prizes. You can also buy a Scottish Fold kitten at the relevant exhibitions.
To date, the most common and desirable breed worldwide is the Scottish Fold, the price for which ranges from 1000 UAH. up to 3000 euros. This difference in cost is due to the quality of the purchased animal. I’ll try to explain. Hanging ears are answered by a special gene, which is dominant. Those. if there is a mating pair, where one of the animals has a Scottish fold, and the second cat of any breed (mongrel, including), then one of the children will necessarily be with hanging ears. From the different qualities of the resulting offspring, the Scottish lop-eared kitten stands differently. However, sometimes it happens: «mountain owners» by ignorance, knit two lop-eared animals, which leads to a mutation of the musculoskeletal system in kittens.
And so, if you realized that your breed is just Scottish Fold, buy a Scottish Fold Kitten in Kiev and not only you can in specialized places, which are Scottish Fold nurseries.

Our Rules

In our kennel you can buy a purebred kitten of Scottish (lop-eared and straight) breed, as well as a kitten of Maine Coon breed, which were born by proper selection of the pairs of titled producers of our kennel.

We give a full guarantee of the cleanliness of the breeding line.

In our Maine Coon cattery (Kiev), as well as the cattery of Scottish cats, you can purchase a purely thoroughbred animal. If you need a metis maine coon, then you need a different place.

Kittens of our kennel almost always correspond to the upper class.

However, our kids — Maine Coon kittens, as well as Scottish kittens, we basically do not sell in breeding, but «under castration». Why do you ask, because kittens are more expensive for breeding? I do not like to sell kittens for breeding, because — not castrated animals — is further illiterate, disorderly mating of our animals with representatives of the breed, the standards of which do not correspond to the standards they have generally accepted for them. And also the content of an adult non-neutered animal without mating, also does not go for the good for the health of the animal.

And yet, if you bought a kitten of our breeding for breeding, we are always happy to help you with consultations on the selection of partners, obstetrics and growing of Maine Coon kittens, and also Scottish kittens

How kitten price formed

Any thoroughbred animal (be it a cat or a dog), regardless of the breed, MUST have the relevant documents. In the documents that the breed you are buying refers to which breed. Therefore, when buying a kitten, ask the breeder to show you the parents’ pedigrees, and also to give you the documents for the baby.

The presence of documents (certificate of origin — a metric or a pedigree) does not affect the cost of the kitten.

Kittens without documents can grow up just a bit like real Scots (maine coons).

How much is a Scottish Fold cost? And why is it so expensive

By purchasing a kitten, you decide for yourself:

What do you want from a future animal. Do you want the kid to just be a pet, sitting on the couch and enjoying your eye or flaunting at exhibitions and participated in the breeding.
What class (level) should be an animal (pet, breed, show class).
How much are you willing to pay for your dream.
And so you thought for a long time, decided and understood that for a long time they had been dreaming about a cat. And even decided on the pedigree of your future pet. Now it’s up to the price. To date, AVERAGE prices for the animal:

Scottish Fold — the price of an animal without a pedigree (metrics) — 100-200 euros

Pet or show-castrate — from 200 to 400 euros
Brid class — from 300 to 600 euros
Show class — 500-2500 euros
Maine Coon breeds of this breed without a pedigree (metrics) practically does not happen (if you are offered such an animal, know — you are obviously deceived and sell a nonbreeding animal). The initial price for a purebred cat is even pet class (an animal that can not be used for breeding) — 700-800 euros. A kitten of good quality — from 1500 USD.

Very often people ask a kitten not for breeding, it is necessarily cheaper as for itself, it is possible without documents, but necessarily thoroughbred. And of course, that the cat was of a huge size, muzzle, with good ears and with brushes, good fur coat, and of course with a steady psyche. These requests are not compatible with the concept of «SUSPENSION».

A simple example, understandable for all — is Daewoo, … (car), and there is Toyota, BMW, … (also a car), but these are cars of initially different levels. Someone chooses quality and comfort. And for someone «and so come down.»

The thing is, what kind of animal do you want to see next to you: only slightly resembling a pedigreed animal or a worthy representative of the breed!
The price of a kitten that has any pedigree accessory consists of the following components:
The most important component is the value of the animal in the breed plan, the presence of titles, and, in some cases, the uniqueness of the color.
Fame of the nursery (advertising and exhibitions cost a lot of money).
What does the cat eat (there is a difference in the cost of food: either you feed your animal with porridges and bones distributed by Whiskas and Kitiketas or your animal gets industrial forage premiums Hill’s, Royal Canin, etc., as well as raw beef, chicken and turkey) . The cost is also affected by the conditions of keeping the animal (more on this later). Also in the cost of the animal is laid and the labor of the breeder.
Read more. In order to get a pedigreed kitten — a kid with strong health and a stable psyche — it is necessary to make a lot of effort and not only material.

A breeder who wants to get an asterisk acquires producers with strong breed data. In addition to the ideal breed data, the manufacturer must have strong health and show temperament. The cost of good producers is very low. The breeder will feed his producers with quality, not cheap feed, as good manufacturers are not cheap, and their treatment is also not cheap. And feeding your animals with poor quality food is a direct and fast way to the hospital. In addition, vaccinations are given every year, every six months the manufacturers are examined by a veterinarian, and in addition there are a number of tests that are also recommended to be taken. Good cats producers tie with high-breed and title-bearing cats. The mating with such cats is not cheap, not less than 1500 UAH. (Scottish Folded Cat) and 6000 UAH. (Maine Coon Cat). Hence the high cost of kittens. Breeding thoroughbred animals — this occupation is not cheap!

However, those who are breeding, not breeding cats, do not know these rules at all. On breeding farms, cats are given birth 3 times a year. Often these unfortunate animals are kept in small cages. Their food also leaves much to be desired. And the quality of such cats — producers, even close can not be called pedigree. In some cases, such producers are the Scottish cat’s half-breed, the Maine Coon mestizo. «Breeders» who are engaged in stamping and breeding, rather than breeding thoroughbred animals, sell their kittens for the minimum they are offered, «just to sell and start again,» they do not worry about the future for their kids. Kittens from the farm are sold as soon as they begin to walk on their own and try to eat — at 1-1,5 months. Breeders are not going to spend not only on vaccinations, anti-block and anthelmintic drugs, and in general, even on food. Such grief of kittens is very often seen in the «bird market».

In order to grow up to 3 months. healthy kitty need:

from food (meals 6 times a day): industrial super premium food and canned food — at least 300 UAH
As a result, we get — 1800 UAH.

That is, in order for the baby to reach the age of 3 months. and was physically healthy, received preventive treatment from fleas and worms, and was appropriately vaccinated, the breeder must spend at least 1800 UAH. on one kid. These expenses do not include the breeder’s labor, the costs of mating producers, annual club fees, expenses for the exhibition career of parents and the contents of the nursery’s website.

Given the above, we come to the conclusion that the price of kittens is composed of:

the purchase price of parent-producers;
the content of producers;
the direct content of the children themselves.
Those. Initially, kittens can not cost cheap (up to 2000 UAH. Scottish Fold, Maine Coon price is not less than 5000 UAH.). The cost of kittens can be lower than the minimum for several reasons: the parents of the producers are mestizos (metis Maine Coon, Scottish) or are thoroughbred animals, but very-very low; their content does not comply with generally accepted standards; eat such animals by scraps from the table; there are no appropriate vaccinations and preventive measures are not carried out.

Another type of divorce — buying a good animal «for yourself», i.e. without the right of breeding, and promising to sterilize such cats at the appropriate age, the new owners cheat the breeders and do not castrate their animals. Such animals «for themselves,» wanting to earn or «repel spent» knit «for health» with a cat, mating with which is cheaper or just with a neighbor and sell what happened. Buyers are told that kittens are thoroughbred, but it is impossible to prove it, because documents have no kittens.
Buyers think, if the animal does not have the appropriate documents — this is either a mongrel animal or a person who sells such kittens is lying. If he started by deceiving his breeder, then why should he not deceive you?

In addition to «divorcees» there are «second-hand dealers» who buy very small kittens from the same «divorcees» or from those who «knit for health». Such cat’s kids (from different families) are placed in cages where they are kept until they are sold to new owners. If there were healthy kittens, then they become infected from the sick. It is not uncommon for the animal to die, which was purchased at the Bird Market.

Remember! If you are looking for an animal of a certain breed, then you need this breed, and not the animal that looks like it. If you are looking for a cheaper — be prepared for the fact that you can be disappointed in the future, if your cat maine coon stops at a weight of 4 kg. or the ears of a Scottish Folded Cat will rise.

There is a rule: «Smart parents are not always born chic kids, but for bad producers, excellent kittens are not born at all.»

All the breeders know that a classy cat will grow up a gorgeous cat, which is sure to be bought, so for these kittens the price is practically not reduced (except that only symbolically).

If it’s too expensive for you to buy a thoroughbred animal (which you can be proud of), do a good deed and pick up a street mongrel baby. After all, buying an animal without documents, for 2000 UAH. — it’s the same only for the money — you buy a great name for the breed, not the breed, stimulating the «divorcees».